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Ministry Testimonials

"Hope House has prepared me for the independence which I will ultimately face. In doing this it taught me responsibility and gave me the necessary social skills to interact with all kinds of people."
- Chris

"Hope House has helped me to care, and help others to grow."
- James

"The reason I like Hope House is because it is a stepping stone. It gives you the chance to do something with your life."
- Dave

"It is with the utmost sincerity and gratefulness that I thank each and every member of this special community for all the years of giving and influence. Your legacy lives in the hope that finds its way into the hearts of each person who benefits from your charity. Hope comes in many forms and we all have the power to do more."
- Tim M.

It’s difficult to put into words what Hope House has given me. Gratitude is a popular word that always rises to the surface, but how do you measure gratitude when you have been given the chance to live again? I’ve been handed an opportunity to break free from the prison-like walls of addiction and a new beginning to a life that was lost. It is more than a feeling of gratefulness to have entered Hope House, and it is close to impossible to understand unless you have lived a life similar to that of me and my brothers in the community.
- Matt B.

These are personal accounts of just a few young men who still call Hope House "Home".