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The Hope House Ministries Endowment Fund serves as an investment fund set aside for long-term support of the agency. The principle is preserved in perpetuity, realizing its objective to enhance service autonomy and provide an independent source of revenues while strengthening our mission. Each year a small portion of the fund is made available to support the ministry's ten outreach programs (Please refer to The Ministry on our website).

The Board of Directors of HHM has selected an Endowment Committee (EC), comprised of investment professionals who are dedicated to our mission. A strict plan of policies has been established by the EC and approved by the Board of Directors to ensure that the monies in the Endowment are managed according to appropriate fiduciary standards and in a manner consistent with HHM's objectives. Any limitations and conditions as to investment or disbursement under which a gift or bequest has been made, shall be diligently observed by the EC. The EC has established and will monitor appropriate procedures to ensure that all such limitations and conditions are met. HHM will continue to own the principal and all earnings from the money invested in this fund.

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